Is there one supplement that you should be taking to improve the health of your hair, nails and skin? Yes it is called Biotin (also known as B7.) Biotin is one of those nutrients crucial for growing tissue in hair and nails. It is directly responsible for the creation of keratin in our bodies. Keratin, which is actually a by-product of biotin, is known as vitamin H. Vitamin H is present everywhere in the human body including the scalp, hair and fingernails.

3.-Repairing-Split-Ends-500x250You can find biotin in all kinds off supplements and shampoos that are used to combat hairless. It is almost always a component in the most successful of remedies that are remedies for baldness. If you have dull, limp or even graying hair there is no better way to bring it to life again than to supplement it with hair vitamins like biotin.

Does Your Body Have a Biotin Shortage?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that the body does not store it in fat cells. Once the person starts taking biotin the miracle starts to happen. Their hair becomes stronger, glossier and beautiful in appearance. When people take a biotin supplement they also often able to reverse their hair loss. Biotin is also often prescribed as a treatment for healing dry scalps, treating fragile nails and even sparse or brittle eyelashes!

Lacking biotin can be disastrous to your appearance! Let’s take the example of someone who has an iron deficiency. They can be very fatigued and tired looking but they don’t look or feel better until they take that iron supplement. The same kind of principle can apply to taking biotin. You can be deficient in the nutrient and then experience hair loss, dry skin and even weight gain. This is because Biotin also helps the body convert carbohydrates into energy.   This is why some alternative health experts and dermatologists recommend supplementation to encourage hair to grow back.

How Does Biotin Help?

Biotin is absolutely necessary for your body to be able to take fats and amino acids from your food and then convert it into the amino acids needed to grow nails and hair. It is absolutely a necessity to or you will get no value from some of the foods that you consume.

Biotin is absorbed in the core of the hair roots and nail beds and encourages stronger, thicker tissue to grow. It can also be effective at curing such disorders as dermatitis, dandruff and flaky, dry skin.

Here at the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Center, we have several ways of diagnosing whether or not you are deficient in biotin including dark field microscop blood analysis, the Healthy and Active program. Intravenous treatments and injections can also be prescribed to help revitalize your health in general.

How Much Biotin is Enough?

There is no real way to assess how much biotin you are getting from foods every day. To help grow their hair or strengthen the nails it is a good idea to internally ingest a daily supplement… The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine has set a daily value of 35 to 60 micrograms per day.

You Don’t Have to Be Deficient In Biotin For It to Work

You can take as much biotin as you want orally and you will not be facing any health risk because this is a water-soluble vitamin. Not only will it prevent hair loss in the future but it can also lead to faster growth and a thicker head of hair, stronger nails and a great complexion. If you want to keep showing off a gorgeous head of hair even though you have no symptoms of hair loss than consider taking hair vitamins like biotin on a regular basis.

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