Is it possible to lose weight by drinking Asian Teas? By now, many of you have heard of Japanese, Korean or Chinese weight loss formulas that are sold as Asian weight loss teas, but the truth is that many of these are potent diuretics that cause weight loss by squeezing the water out of your tissues. Some of these weight loss diet teas also contain ephedra, an ingredient to stay away from if you do not want to feel agitated, irritable and sleepless. Quite a few of the weight loss diet tea formulas of them also contain a great deal of caffeine, enough to harm your kidneys and cause a dysfunction of your adrenal glands. Some contain ingredients that can cause the heart to speed up, such as licorice and gingko, and could result to a trip to the hospital.  The bottom line is that it is safest to stay away from any fad diet type of tea with several ingredients and instead focus on drinking Asian teas along with adopting a low-calorie diet and healthy lifestyle.

imagesA List of Safe Asian Teas for Weight Loss

It is best to stay away from the fad weight loss formulas and instead focus on pure organic teas that contain a single herb and that have benefits for those trying to lose weight naturally. You can get these teas in either of Toronto’s Chinatown areas, where they are sold in bags or loose. Many of these teas are quite common and can be consumed regularly a few times a day to encourage weight loss.

Here are some suggestions for some teas to try.

Bai Hao Oolong -This aromatic Oolong tea from the Fujian Province in China is also known as “Dong Fang Mei Ren” or Oriental Beauty, a name bestowed upon it by Queen Elizabeth II. It is also known as White Pekoe Oolong, Dong Fang Mei Ren and Oriental Beauty. The taste is rich and honey like and it is a thick yellow color. This tea promotes metabolism, controls obesity and as a bonus also fights free radicals and prevents aging.

Crooked Horse Tea – This is a high quality Oolong tea that is grown in the An hi region in the Fujian province in China. It gets its name from the fact that the leaves resemble a variety of peach in the area known as the Crooked Horse Peach. The tea is roasted in an oven and has a golden color. This tea promotes metabolism, keeps obesity in check, fights the oxidation of cells and tones up your entire system in general.

Huang Jin Gui – This famous Oolong Tea means “Golden Osmanthus”,. The tea itself is yellowish green and has a strong, rich floral flavour. The best Huang Jin Gui comes from An Xi in the Fujian Province. This tea promotes metabolism, controls obesity, fights free radicals and prevents aging.

Kuding tea – Other names for this tea from the An Wui Province are Bitter Tea and Solitary Leaf. It is not appreciated for its taste, which is quite bitter. It is an age old health drink, known for its many medicinal properties such as cooling down inflammation, detoxifying and improving digestion. Regular consumption of this tea helps to reduce blood pressure and keeps obesity at bay.

Nantou Oolong – This reddish tea is farmed in the famous Nantou tea farming region near Taiwan. It has a very light sweet flavour. It is aids in weight loss, fights aging and is a great tea for those with Type II Diabetes to drink because it regulates blood sugar.

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