Not too long ago, everyone in the suburbs had a trampoline in their back yard. Of course, not everybody can afford a large trampoline these days and not too many people have the space for them either. That is why the smaller round trampolines, now  called Rebounders were invented. It helps people who live in smaller spaces take advantages of the many health benefits that come with bouncing up and down every day.

Rebounding can help clear the lymphatic system and achieve weight loss.

Rebounding can help clear the lymphatic system and achieve weight loss.

What Are The Health Benefits of Rebounding?

Rebounding can gift you with many health benefits including, detoxification, am efficient immune system, cleansing the lungs, strengthening of the heart muscle, better coordination, more energy and increased flexibility. However, your goal as a rebounder or “jumper” is overall physical fitness.

Physical fitness is defined as having a body that is in tune and optimized to operate psychologically, mentally and physically at peak performance all of the time.

Psychologically rebounding can fuel tired bodies and minds, allowing you to perform daily tasks without experiencing periodic slumps. The activity reduces stress, builds stamina and the increased oxygen to the brain gives you increased focus, clarity and concentration.

You Can Easily Meet These Fitness Goals

When you begin rebounding you are not just jumping for joy, you are also meeting five very important goals that comprise the overall definition of what it means to be “physically fit. Here are t basic goals associated with rebounding.

Restores Youth. Bouncing is anti-aging. It increases metabolism and keeps energy levels and vitality high. Increased blood flow keeps the skin and hair healthy. Strength training also increases bone mineral density (as discussed below.

Increases Bone Strength. Trampolining or rebounding are forms of strength training. Strength training is advantageous when it comes to the battle against osteoporosis. The constant gentle impact stimulates the cells of the bones to constantly renew themselves thus preventing the brittleness and thinning that is associated with the disease. Bouncing on a trampoline allows to strengthen your all of your muscles and bones in a healthy way on a daily basis.

Decrease Your Fat to Muscle Ratio (BMI). Your fat to muscle ratio is also a crucial component of your fitness. It refers to how much of your body is lean mass (muscle, bone, vital tissue and organs) compared to how much of it is fat mass. The more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you burn and that alone is a reason to jump for joy.

Detoxification. Rebounding works with the natural laws of gravity to circulate your lymphatic fluids an cleanse the lymph system. The lymphatic system is the trash can of the body. It rids you of toxins such as dead and cancerous cells, nitrogenous wastes, fat, infectious viruses, heavy metal, mold and funguses. Rebounding triggers your body into draining this stuff away so it can be eliminated through mucus, sweat and other excretions. Bounding also increases your white blood cell count so they can attack free radicals and release the trapped proteins that are associated with diabetes and weight gain.

Flexibility. This is your body’s capacity to move joints and use muscles and extend them through their full range of motion. Many moves on a rebounder can increases overall body flexibility.

Heart and Lung Endurance. This is this efficiency of your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues, and to remove wastes, over sustained periods of time. Long distance running and swimming lengths are traditionally used to achieve this goal, but rebounding accomplishes the same. All it takes is 30 minutes or longer on a trampoline to kick start your heart and lungs into action.

Muscular Strength. This is defined as the ability of your body’s muscles to exert force for a brief period of time. Rebounding is particularly beneficial to the muscles of the lower body, the heart muscle and the muscles of the rib cage, abdomen and back.

Muscular Endurance. This is the ability of a muscle, or a group of muscles, to sustain repeated contractions or to continue applying force against a fixed object for an extended period of time. This repeated motion is called “healthy stress.” Rebounding strengthens the legs also relaxes the upper shoulders as you bounce.

Weight Loss. The key to losing weight is to expend more calories than you ingest. Rebounding can play an important role in weight control because it increases energy output. This triggers your body to use stored calories to fuel the workout.

Before you start bouncing be sure to do some warm up exercises first to avoid over-exertion and dizziness from inhaling a lot more oxygen then you usually do.

In the end, you will sleep better, metabolize your food more efficiently and be stronger.

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