Hormones govern and regulate every system in the human body. They are the chemical messengers that manage every aspect of how it operates, including metabolism, growth, sexuality and reproduction. If your hormones aren’t balanced, your organs aren’t balanced and this also has repercussions on how you react to the world in general. A hormone imbalance is also thought to have a role in cancer, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, rheumatism, edema, hair loss and hundreds of other conditions.

Hormone disruptors are found in the every day things we use such as the plastic containers containing this grocery store packed fruit.

Hormone disruptors are found in the every day things we use such as the plastic containers containing this grocery store packed fruit.

How Do Hormones Work?

Hormones are secreted directly into the bloodstream by the primary glands of the endocrine system and that includes the hypothalamus, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas ovaries and testes.

However, your organs are not the only secretors of hormones in the body. The digestive system, liver, kidneys and bones also secrete endocrine hormones, as does the exocrine system, which is a set of chemical process that helps your body detoxify itself.

That is why if your hormones aren’t in balance it is crucial that you try to get them back in balance as best you can. Dysfunction of the endocrine system and the chemical messengers it produces to can lead to all kinds of problems including: memory loss, fatigue, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high cortisol levels, anxiety, mood swings, obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, sleep disturbances and numerous other problems related to aging.

What Are the Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance?

Hormonal imbalance is usually indicated by the following symptoms:

Dry vagina (in women)
Foggy thinking
Inability to handle stress
Metabolic disorders like insulin resistance and pre-Diabetes
Thyroid issues such hypothyroid (not enough hormone secreted) or (hyperthyroid) too much hormone secreted
Memory problems
Weight Gain

A temporary imbalance of hormones is caused by the onset of menopause, a natural process, but a hormonally disruptive one just the same during which women develop many of the symptoms described above.

However, hormonal imbalances can occur at any time of life thanks to the pollution in our environment.

What Are Hormone Disruptors?

Hormonal disruptors are man-made chemicals that affect how the reproductive system, immune system and neurological systems produce hormones. They cause almost every type of cancer, birth defects, ADHD, cognitive issues and fertility issues.

Hormone disrupting chemicals are part of every day life, and the way they affect our health is insidious. They are found in cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, fragrances, deodorants, sunscreen and other body care products. They are also found in cleaning supplies such as dish soap, laundry detergent and air fresheners.

Many food containers including plastic and metal food cans and plastic packaging are also full of hormone disruptors. Plastic containers especially water bottles contain phthalates as do medications that have coatings on them.

Hormone disruptors are also ound in mercury in food and dental fillings, flame retardants, adhesives, caulking and floor finishes. The list does not end there. To get rid of hormonal disruptors you sometimes have to make big changes to the way you live.

How Is Hormonal Disruption Dealt With?

There are several tests that are used in naturopathic health care to diagnose the condition, including regular blood testing as well as dark field microscopy blood analysis. Your condition might be treated with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, IV therapy. In addition, several lifestyle changes will be suggested to allay your exposure to these chemicals including changing your diet and throwing out the products causing the problem.

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