Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what kind of symptom is a true sign of Type II Diabetes. Diabetes can be also impossible to self-diagnose, as the multiple symptoms of the disease are also characteristic of numerous other physical complaints. Diabetics suffer from blurry vision.

Blurred vision is a symptom of high blood sugar and Diabetes Type II.

Blurred vision is a symptom of high blood sugar and Diabetes Type II.

For example, the frequent urination often identified with diabetes could also be a symptom of a simple bladder infection. Wounds that are slow to heal are a sign of diabetes but also characteristic of certain vitamin deficiencies and skin cancers.

Although blurry vision is also a sign of diabetes, it often merely means that you need a trip to the optometrist. Something as innocent as a gulp of cough syrup, which contains codeine could also be the cause of your blurry vision.

So how do you know that a symptom is a true sign of diabetes? Learning to identify the common traditional warning signs that are identified with this sometimes subtle and baffling disease is a good place to start your investigation.  A naturpathic doctor that specializes in weight loss care and insulin resistance, such as myself, can help you determine the cause of your symptoms.

Frequent, annoying and recurrent urination, especially at night are typical of diabetes. Serial trips to the bathroom that costs you several hours of sleep are a real indicator that your metabolic system is out of whack.

Unexplained rapid weight gain, sometimes as much as five to seven pounds a month is a sign of a metabolic disorder like diabetes. Unexplained rapid weight loss is also considered to be a diabetic marker , however it can also indicate the presence of other serious disorders such as a Grave’s disease, cancer and drug abuse.  Dark field microscopy blood analysis Toronto can help you discern if diabetes is the cause of these conditions.

Fatigue is a traditional classic sign of diabetes, however in today’s day and age, this symptom is often associated with newer diagnoses such as fibromylagia and other stress related symptoms. Individuals can also become quite fatigued as the result of anemia, malnutrition and simple viruses and colds.

Skin infections that are slow to heal are another sign of diabetes. Recurrent or persistent sores on the feet and ankles are a definite message from your body to go to the doctor and get a blood test for diabetes.

Diabetes can affect the blood flow to the extremities, perhaps even resulting in amputation of limbs in cases where the disease goes ignored untreated for too long, Tingling or numbness in the fingers and toes are a common and indication that diabetes may be the culprit.

Recurrent vaginal and yeast infections can be a sign of diabetes in women.

Blurry vision is also considered to be a common sign of diabetes, especially in children or adults that do not have a history of vision problems.

If you are experiencing even one of the above side effects to an extreme degree then it is worth your while to go the doctor and ask to be tested for diabetes. However, another true sign of diabetes is usually a cluster of two or three symptoms together that occur off and on for a number of months.

No matter how often or how intensely you are suffering from symptoms, your curiosity is easily solved by a blood test that involves fasting the night before. A true sign of diabetes is high blood sugar, which is easily diagnosed by one simple lab test.

Natural treatments and weight loss plans are available to help sufferers with diabetes. For more information or to book a consultation about anti-aging, diet and weight loss care Toronto programs or any health issue you may be experiencing, visit the Pinewood Natural Health Centerwebsite that has a list of full services and products at or call our Toronto Office at (416)-656- 8100. We also have an office in Pickering, Ontario at (905)-427-0057. You can also email us at and we would be happy to answer any question that you have about our holistic health services

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