There is a lot of debate among chronic fatigue experts about what a chronic fatigue syndrome diet should consist of because each individual case is different. For example some chronic fatigue sufferers get better when they are on a diet that is all juices but other seem to have worsening of their condition.
However there are some general recommendations when it comes to eating that should help with the symptoms of chronic fatigue and maybe even act as a kind of cure for chronic fatigue in that they help prevent the condition from getting even worse.

Eat Raw!

First of all it is recommended that you should eat a well-balanced diet of fifty percent raw foods and fresh “live” juices. The diet should consist mostly of fruits, vegetables and whole grains plus raw nuts, seeds, skinless turkey and some deep water fish. These are quality foods that help renew energy and build immunity. Make sure you wash all produce well to make sure it is free of mould, which can make this aggravating condition worse.

Yogurt contains friendly bacteria called probiotics that help fight Candida.

Yogurt contains friendly bacteria called probiotics that help fight Candida.

Take Your Probiotics!

You should also add some form of acidophilus to your diet and regularly consume soured products such as yogurt and kefir. Many people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome also are infected with candida. Taking Acidophilus helps to keep the candida under control.

Yogurt Contains Probiotics

It also helps to consume plenty of water — at least eight ounce glasses a day. Drink a full glass of water every day. The water helps to flush out the toxins and also helps reduce muscle pain.

Avoid Certain Foods and Favour Others

You also should not eat shellfish, junk foods, fried foods, processed foods and you are advised to avoid drinking stimulants such as coffee, tea and soft drinks. Sugar and products made out of white flour should also be avoided. In fact if you suspect that your chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by candida albicans than you should really make the effort to avoid all white flours and refined products as well as alcohol and colas as these are foods that “feed the fungus” and make you even sicker.

It also helps to take chlorophyll in tablet form or obtain it from the liquid of vegetables in the form of a powdered green drink. Many of the protein drinks that are on the market today are also “green drinks.”

Many people who have this condition have also benefited from taking kombucha tea instead of drinking regular coffees or caffeinated tree. This is actually a mushroom that is brewed in liquid. When chronic fatigue sufferers drink this potent brew many of them experience an increase in energy and feel much better.

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