You think that being a vegan would help you lose weight but this is not necessarily true. In general a plant based diet that does consist of whole foods can help you lose weight over the long term but the key words here are “whole foods.” Many vegans eat a lot of sugar and fat to make up for the lack of dairy and meat in their diets

Consuming a low whole foods plant based diet will help you to lose weight and the best news is that the more you weight the quicker you will lose it once you switch to a vegan based diet that does not include things like so many refined carbohydrates. Many vegans eat and drink their nutritious zero calorie fruits and vegetables and then sabotage it all by eating a lot of oily, carb heavy sugars and starches. As a doctor practicing naturopathic medicine in Toronto I have seen this paradox of self-care in action again and again.

Avoid Carbs and Sugar!

If you are going to be a vegan, the optimal diet is a whole foods, plant-based diet that does not contain a lot of carbs or sugar.

To lose weight you need to go on that strict vegetarian diet or you could turn into one of these fatter non meat eaters. Some people become vegetarian and then load up on pasta and pastries made from refined grains. These are what have become to be known as the junk food vegans! Even though they aren’t consuming meat they are consuming foods that are problematic for them and that might even cause them to gain weight. This is why you see so many heavier vegans around.

You can be as vegan as you wants but if you never take part in any type of physical activity you could be incredibly fat after all. You can still be a vegan and be fat and soft because you have not been exercising. Exercise in combination with the right diet is crucial as well, or you will simply be an overweight vegetarian.

The third reason you may not lose weight is because you have a genetic disposition to be overweight. If you were one of these individuals, who are becoming more and more common in all races across the world, then it would not take much of a lapse in diet to immediately cause an immediate gain in weight.

Keeping Weight Off Is A Lifestyle Choice

The point is that keeping weight off is not a gimmick nor is it ever going to be the result of simply staying off of meat dairy.  It has to be a long-term life style choice that includes exercise… Choosing a vegan diet is choosing health and dispensing with long-term pain like kidney problems, cancer, heart disease, and cancer and joint problems.

Vegans are quite prone to the psychological lows that come with gaining weight. They often blame their own bodies when it seems that “even the vegan diet” is not working. The next thing you know they are back in a vicious cycle of eating junk food in order to self-medicate for feelings of inferiority brought on by the condition of obesity itself

At our natural health centre in Toronto we specialize in weight loss care, iv treatments and dark field microscopy blood analysis that can assist vegans who are experiencing weight gain.

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