Regular exercise is good for your overall health and it also benefit your immune system. You improve your energy levels and your muscle strength and this in turn causes improvements to take place throughout your entire physicality.

It does not take a lot of exercise to produce positive changes in your body. For example, it only takes 30 minutes of reasonably brisk walking 3 or 4 times a week to strengthen your heart, lungs and all of the major muscle groups. At the same time, exercise helps to optimize your digestive system, meaning that less harmful toxins and bacteria will lodge in your gut as the process of peristalsis (passing the food and then waste materials through your system) gradually becomes more efficient.

People who walk suffer from much less constipation and are less reliant on laxative drugs which have a way of making your body dependent, sick and acidic

Ways to Fit a Bit More Exercise Into Your Schedule

Even if you don’t have 30 minutes available four times a week to go for a brisk walk, there are plenty of different ways you can find the time in any average day for enough exercise for your immune system to benefit. For example, you can take the stairs whenever possible instead of using an elevator or even an escalator.

In order to exercise your whole body at the same time, it is generally agreed that one of the most beneficial forms of exercise is swimming. The advantage over this compared to running or even climbing the stairs, swimming places no additional stress on your joints and muscles, as there is no harsh impact on your knees or the balls of your feet. Joint pain or arthritic pain is no excuse as there is always swimming to help you get the exercise you need without hurting your joints.

Cycling is another good low impact exercise alternative that nevertheless brings significant benefits, so you might for example consider cycling to work every so often rather than taking the bus, train or the car. This is an intensely aerobic activity that also helps facilitate the intake of oxygen, which in turn feeds the skin and calms the immune system. The thing to understand about your immune system is that while your gastrointestinal tract is the ‘core’ of it, every other part of your body is also intrinsically involved in protecting you against infection and disease.

Exercise is As Crucial As Diet

A healthy lifestyle is not just about what you eat it is about you do and exercising every day is crucial as is taking care of ourselves emotionally and not letting our stress levels get out of hand. Walking, especially, has been known for centuries to be a great stress reducer. It is also the ideal time to meditate, particularly if you are taking a stroll through nature.

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