The naturopaths, nutritionists and therapists here at the Pinewod Natural Health Clinic are very sensitive to the health issues that may be caused by bulemia and the need for nutiritional support and other therapies to help ease psychological symptoms and also heal the damage from this disorder.

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by episodes of uncontrolled binge eating often involving extremely large amounts of high calorie foods followed by induced vomiting or the use of laxatives to purge the body of the food eaten during the binge.The binge eating and purging is usually carried out in secret. This is a serious medical and psychological problem with potentially dangerous complications that need to addresed

Symptoms of Bulemia

The main symptoms of bulimia are eating and then throwing up food.The rest of the symptoms to do with the disorder largely psychological and have to do with issues of control. Many obsessions rule this disorder including an obsession with weighing oneself and fantasizing about food.

Bulemic behaviors also include refusing to eat, taking laxatives and smoking to cut the appetite. Problems with drugs, weight loss supplements and alcohol also often come hand in hand with bulimia.

Most of the symptoms are behavioral and the consequences are hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, being overweight, bone loss, tissue swelling, boating, the cessation of menstruation, hair loss, swollen salivary glands, broken blood vessels in the face, anemia, mood swings, rotting teeth and eye problems.

The constant throwing up can also damage the esophagus and cause a hiatial hernia. Rotting teeth are also common with this disorder as the acidic stomach juices in the mouth cause the erosion of tooth enamel.

Causes of Bulemia

People with eating disorders such as bulimia have been found to have chemical brain imbalances that are similar to those found in individuals with clinical depression.

As researchers have become increasingly aware of the physiological elements of anorexia the psychological ones continue to beef great importance as well.

The psychological causes of bulimia include —

  • Extreme emotions such as guilt, anger, hostility
  • A feeling that one is always out of control
  • A refusal to grow up and wanting to be cared for by others like a waif or an orphan and
  • A distorted body image that always makes one see the self as overweight no matter how thin they get.

People who are victims of child abuse or who have physically or emotionally abusive family members or partners are more likely to develop bulimia.

Not being able to live up to their own expectations or others to be as beautiful as the thin women that are seen on television or in magazines is also a motivator for bulimic behavior.

What to Do About Bulemia

In almost all cases bulimia must be treated intravenous nutrient feedings of potassium and multivitamins

The individual also will need psychological and group counseling. Ian intervention and treatment by a psychiatrist may also be necessary. Biofeedback is a treatment we offer here at the Pinewood Natural Health Clinic of helping with this issue.

Antidepressants may be prescribed to deal with feelings of irritability, depression and anxiety that accompany this disorder.

Bulimia can lead to serious medical problems including ulcers, internal bleeding, hypoglycemia, a ruptured stomach, kidney damage, and erratic heartbeat, cessation of the menstrual cycle and a low pulse rate and blood pressure. The worst consequence of bulimia is death as the body is progressively starved of calories.

At our naturopathic testing center in Toronto, the nutritional profile of a person with bulemia can b tested using dark field microscopy blood analysis and iv therapy can be used to help

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