Breathwork also known as holotropic breathwork is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D. and Christina Grof that assists with healing and reaching states of psychic awareness. If you find that sticking to your diet has emotional roots or that you are doing it to deal with events that trigger and trauma and then overeating, then you might be interested in pursuing this type of breathwork in order to try and clear yourself of the blocks that are sabotaging your efforts to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

How “Heavy Breathing” Works

Breathwork also takes it cue from Asian and Far Eastern disciplines that use the breath as a way of healing body mind and soul. Breathwork is practiced in meditation as a way of calming oneself down and regulating metabolism. Breathwork is practiced as a part of Yoga or Meditation classes which are readily available in most communities, yoga centres and YMCA facilities.

However, for a real physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing you might want to go one step further into what is called holotropic breathing.The Grof method is a little more intense. It combines hyperventilation and relaxation while listening to evocative music in a supportive setting. The state of consciousness thus brought forward is said to activate the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing him or her a particular set of positive internal experiences

Additional elements of the process include “focused energy release work” and mandala drawing or other art techniques, such as working with clay. This therapeutic treatment can be done in groups or in individual sessions.

As in more traditional therapies, participants may revisit unresolved conflicts, repressed memories, and re-experience them. This helps to clear the problem trauma, especially as it relates to subtle ways that trauma is held in the body. This may assist with physical healing because it helps to release the emotional blocks associated with overeating, addictions and self-sabotaging behaviours in general.

Results and Effects

Individuals who practice breathwork find themselves able to improve four main aspects of the self – Sensory and Somatic, the Biographical and Individual Unconscious, the Perinatal, and the Transpersonal. The result is an organic approach to recovering body wholeness that works very well with the limited calorie and healthy lifestyle choices that accompany taking care of your health in a more holistic manner in general.

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