Whether you have lost your hair due to emotional stress, chemotherapy or over processing you can reverse the process using \herbs and vitamins. Depending on what has caused the damage and also assuming that it is not the result of hereditary, taking hair grown vitamins and herbal supplements has proven to be quite effective.

Vitamins and Minerals Are Essential

If you want fast hair growth the key is to make sure you get enough protein. This means eating a lot of meat. Vegan diets just don’t cut it when it comes to getting you the protein that you need to actually restart the hair growth process, however you can consult with the dieticians here at Pinewood Natural Health for advice about non-vegan sources of proetien.

You should also resign yourself to the fact that you will be eating dairy of all kinds, including milk and cheese. This is because these foods have all of the B Vitamins and protein that is needed for successful hair regrowth.

The B vitamins that you will need to make sure you eat are biotin, choline, inositol and PABA. If you think that you have to take these vitamins as a supplement is sure to take them with a dairy product to help them metabolize more efficiently.

Vitamin A is also essential so be sure to eat your sweet potatoes, carrots and yams, Melons and papayas are also good sources of this vitamin.

Any matter to do with skin or hair loss is bettered if you take Vitamin A. Take vitamins for hair as a liquid supplement if you feel your body is not absorbing the pill form.

Don’t forget to take a mineral supplement as well. Foods like seaweed are rich in the copper and zinc that is essential to regrow a luscious head of hair.

Herbal Remedies That Might Help

There are also quite a few natural herbal remedies that can help grow back hair that has fallen out.

Rosemary is a great source Vitamin A which in itself can help promote hair growth. It is also an anti-oxidant that helps fight off the aging that can cause hair loss. Rosemary can be taken as a supplement but it also has worked as a remedy topically.

Horsetail is a herb that has been used for centuries to regrow hair. It is particularly helpful for cases of balding that are caused by aging. It words by increasing the circulation to our scalp. When our circulatory system is stimulated, so is our scalp.

Nettles contain vitamins and minerals that can help promote the circulation of blood and stimulate hair growth. They are also wonderful sources of Vitamin A.

Saw Palmetto can help prevent balding if you know you are going to be in a situation where you might lose your hair as would be in the event of knowing that you had to get chemotherapy for cancer.

Siberian Ginseng stimulates the circulation and encourages hair growth on the scalp. It also gets rid of any toxins that might be damaging or clogging up your hair follicles. Ginseng can be taken in a tea or in a capsule form or it can be rubbed directly on the scalp.

Golden Seal is another herb that might help you grow your hair back. It is an herb that clears toxins from the body, including the skin follicles. This can result in better channels for helping the hair grow back.

Eating a lot of organic garlic has also been known to help restore your hair. This is because garlic contains minerals like zinc and copper that support hair growth. Garlic is also anti-inflammatory and this also can help the scalp’s follicles recover from any damage.

Genetic Hair Loss May Be Irreversible

If you are losing your hair early in life then it may be due to genetics. In this case taking herbs and vitamins may only post-pone the inevitable.

When hair loss occurs due to aging then the hair follicle grows thinner each time the hair grows back after naturally falling out. The end result is hair loss so severe that it never grows back at all. This is not much you can do about this except try and nourish the scalp as much as you can to prevent your balding aging process from kicking in.

When it comes to losing your hair you may not be able to stop the inevitability of going bald completely but you may be able to post-pone it for a while if you take care of your general health and avoid factors, such as smoking and medications, that can make your disposition towards hair loss worse.

In fact there are a lot of bad habits that can cause your hair to fall out prematurely and many of them are due to addictions. Prescription medications are also villainous when it comes to helping you keep your hair strands.

No matter how old you are a healthy lifestyle, good diet and careful handling of your hair can help postpone any genetic balding. If you know that you have a disposition towards balding you have to stop taking better care of your hair right now. If you are Afro-American that might mean letting it go natural for a while and not processing it or relaxing. Vitamins are not the solution to hair loss from pulling on your hair with curlers or flattening irons.

It is especially important to try and let your hair dry naturally whenever possible. Blow dryers have a way of drying out and damaging your hair, plus the brushing and pulling of the hair stresses it out as well.

Use gentle shampoos and alternate your shampoo brands at least once a month so your existing hair is not stressed by washing. Some women facing hair loss wash their hair as little as possible to make sure that the hair follicles are not stressed too much and stay rooted in the scalp as long as possible.

Remember that all of the herbal remedies in the world are not going to work if your hair loss is due to heredity. They are going to be the most effective on hair loss that is caused by disease or damage.

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