Diffusing essential oils throughout your home can have all kinds of amazing effects including disinfection, eliminating odours and uplifting your mood. However, you might be wondering exactly what you should do with that expensive little vial of pure essential oil once you get it home so that oil droplets can be diffused delicately through the air.

Therapeutic Oil Diffusers

An oil diffuser does not heat the healing constituents of the essential oilOil diffusers that are meant for therapeutic use are much more expensive than what you probably need to use on a daily basis. The construction of a basic aromatherapy diffuser is very simple but a a therapeutic grade oil diffuser which consists of a fish pump and a glass bulb can be over $120. This is considered to be the most effective way of diffusing oils through air as it is a cold diffusion that leaves the healing molecules in the air intact. The idea is the oil is pushed through the tube so that it is pushed through the air. The effect true cold diffusion is very pungent and you don’t run it for too long because it is almost too effective! It can fill an 800 square foot space with aroma so strong in about a half that you might have to open a few windows.

Cheap Ways Of Experiencing Aromatherapy

The cheapest thing to do is simply put a few drops of oil on a tissue and tuck it beside your pillow. This is good if you are using lavender oil to try to get to sleep or eucalyptus oil to heal chest congestion.

A bottle of aromatherapy oil and a diffusor.

Another cheap method of diffusing oils is to simply put a few drops in a vaporizer and let the essential oils be diffused through the air in the molecules of water.

Just as another word of warning, remember to keep animals away from diffusers or vaporizers as they have less tolerance for aromatics which build up in their bodies and make them ill.

About Candle Diffusion Kits

One of the gentlest ways to disperse essential oils through the air is to let the oils be gently warmed by a candle. Perhaps the simplest way to do this is to pour a few drops of the oil into the hot wax. This is recommended if you don’t want an effect that smells too strongly.

However for a more pronounced effect you can buy lamp rings. These are little circular trays that look like rings. You place them directly on a light bulb. The oil is applied directly to the ring and as the oil heats up it fills the room with scent. Just a word of warning – don’t pour essential oil directly on a light bulb (or spill it) as it sizzles and fries.

Another fairly safe way is to buy clay pot or metal diffusers that feature a little cavern for the lit candle and a place for essential oil to be pooled on top. The candle gently warms the essential oil and disperses it through the air for a subtle effect.

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