by Christianne James DO MP, RMT, CMAP, BSc, MAP
Osteopath and Registered Massage Therapist

As you age, you become more aware of the aches and pains, creeks and cracks that you feel and hear within your body. The elasticity in your body deteriorates and increases the risk of injury to soft tissues and bony structures. This aging process may cause you to experience symptoms such as:

  • Stiffness, reduced mobility and flexibility.
  • Pain in your back, hips, knees, feet, neck, shoulder, arms and hands.
  • Arthritic pain (osteoarthritis or rheumatoid) and joint swelling.

Many people believe that pain or anti-inflammatory medications are the only aids available, with surgery as an option for severe cases of deterioration. This can be scary and frustrating when you begin to stop enjoying activities and lose your functional independence. However there are natural manual techniques to help alleviate the symptoms of aging.

Osteopathy can help these ailments using simple gentle techniques that increase circulation to the problem areas (which brings in nutrients and gets rid of waste products), balances the structures of the body, and increases the range of movement within the joints. If the deterioration is severe and surgery is necessary, osteopathy treatments can ensure the tissues are at their optimal health before and after surgery. Body work such as osteopathy coupled with quality sleep, a good diet, lots of water and daily movement can help you age gracefully!

Christianne is a licensed Canadian Osteopath and Registered Massage Therapist. She is registered with the Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Practitioners and is registered with the Canadian Massage Therapists of Ontario. She is fully certified in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture which incorporates classical acupuncture and acupuncture with electro-stimulation.

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