by Dr. Audrey Sasson

We all know that the key to sustaining a healthy body is a combination of both a proper diet and physical activity. One without the other usually results in regression to your start point. We often look for quick weight loss solutions usually resulting in severe caloric restrictive diets to reach our target weight and forget that we actually have to get up and start moving to sustain our goals. The German designed program, Healthy & Active, brings to light these two concepts by creating a program specifically tailored to you. Each profile is created based on your own blood chemistry, providing an inclusive list of foods that are optimal for your body. While most plans usually focus on what we cannot eat, Healthy & Active focuses on what you can!

The beauty of the program is that both diet and physical fitness are embedded within and its profile is created based on your body’s capacity to extract nutrients of selected whole foods in order to restore optimal health. No need for costly supplements and complicated shakes – we choose food! Call us to learn more about Health & Active and how it can help you reach your optimal health.

7 tips to boost your metabolism!

  • Don’t eat late at night- try to stop 3 hours before bedtime
  • Build muscle mass- will help you burn calories even when you aren’t working out
  • Never skip breakfast- include healthy proteins like eggs and antioxidants like berries. Awaken your metabolism from its overnight fast
    Early morning intense exercise- can be a quick 5min run in place
  • Eat spicy foods- try cayenne, cumin, curry, ginger, turmeric to heat things up and start burning calories!
  • Keep your thyroid healthy- include minerals like zinc, selenium, iodine
  • Drink lots of water- helps to rev up metabolism

Dr. Audrey Sasson is committed to optimizing her patient’s well being and quality of life by presenting her patients with customized treatments tailored to their lifestyle and wellness goals. Dr. Sasson is a naturopathic doctor who provides comprehensive family practice.

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