The benefits of aromatherapy baths and the benefits of aromatherapy diffusers are now just being acknowledged as truly helpful to people with headaches, joint pain and other ailments. They are especially good for ailments that have a psychological component or that are caused by too much stress such as anxiety, or insomnia.

It’s Best to Buy Organic Oils

Aromatherapy works best if the molecules of the essential oil are dispersed through the nasal passages so that they can be delivered to the bloodstream through the lung tissues or through a carrier oil so that they can be absorbed through the skin. When misted through the air and inhaled they trigger nasal receptors to send healing messages to the brain. The brain then responds to the change in chemistry so that your body can feel more relaxed, joyful or calm.

Both anxiety and insomnia are very common problems in our high pressure world There all kinds of brands essential oils that can actually act as a cure for these problems but my recommendation is to buy the highest quality organic oil that you can find and afford in order to achieve the optimum results. Organic oils simply contain the highest concentrations of healing compounds, phytochemical and phytoestrogens so there is more capacity in the actual substance to help heal you.

How to Use Oils

For the quick and effective relief of anxiety, dilute the oils in a base carrier such as almond, olive or grapeseed oil and apply them to your pulse or temples. Be careful not to get the oils in your eyes as many essential oils are very irritating to the eyes.

You can also disperse the oils through the air using a diffuser or candle oil warmer. In this case you do not have to dilute the oils.

You can also add a few drops of the oil to eight ounces of distilled water and mist your surroundings. Be sure to shake the bottle well and be sure not to get it into your eyes.

You can also shoot a mist straight up into the air and walk through the resulting fog so that the essential oil’s healing molecules mist your skin. Simply mix the oils in an atomizer with water or alcohol.

If you are having an anxiety attack, you can apply a few drops of the oil to a paper towel, hanky or Kleenex and inhale. For acute anxiety, you can also apply a few drops to the bottom of a paper bag and then cup it to your mouth and slowly breathe in and out.

Best Anxiety and Insomnia Remedies

If insomnia is the problem you can try taking a bath in diluted essential oils just before you go to bed or you can try spraying or applying the oils to your linens and pillows. A bath is very therapeutic as the warm water helps release the scent molecules in the oil. A mixture of any of the following essential oils should be very effective for insomnia – chamomile, Clary sage, frankincense, lavender, rose or sandalwood.

The best aromatherapy oils to use for anxiety are balsam fir, bergamot, cedar wood, frankincense, lavender, jasmine, rose and ylang ylang. Linden blossoms and geranium can stop panic attacks. Geranium is good for anxiety or insomnia associated with menopause.

If you are burnt out and exhausted from working oils such as basil, bergamot, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender, orange, neroli (orange blossom) and patchouli can help ground you, revitalize you and lift your spirits. Lime oil can help sort out a racing brain that is confused by too much information or by too many emotional impressions\

If the cause of insomnia is grief then try using a mixture of basil, clay sage or rose oils. Making a spray and putting it on clothing or linen can help the person deal with upsetting feelings.

Make sure, for safety’s sake, that you always dilute an essential oil with carrier oil before you apply it to your skin or put it in a bath. However if you are using an oil diffuser it is not a good idea at all to use diluted oils as it can ruin the diluted. Only use the purest of essential oils inside a diffuser.

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