One of the reasons to train in the area of carboxytherapy is to help the body eliminate stubborn fat areas. However, why is it that some of your patients have more issues when it comes to eliminating fat deposits than others?

The answers to this question lie in an examination of are three basic ways that the body stores fat.

1.Structural Fat

Structural fat helps support the body, cushion it and give it shape. It is one of the building blocks of human physicality. Fat Is found everywhere in the body preventing organs from rubbing against each other and assisting in the smooth movement of joints, so that bone does not grind against body. This is not the type of fat that your client wants to lose although it does happen on certain severe calorie limited diets or fad dieters that are highly unbalanced nutritionally.

2.Normal Fat Reserves

Every single healthy human being has fat reserves in their body. It is like a lining beneath the skin that is a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. This fat, known as adipose tissue, keeps us warm, flexible and supple and keeps us from injuring ourselves when we fall or bump into something. Once fat is stored in these areas, it is very hard to get rid of it.

3.Problem Fat Areas

As a physician or cosmetician one of your tasks is to assess the body of your patient for problem fat areas. These are areas that seem to be hampering rather than assisting the patient with survival. Usually this type of fat which packs on the thighs, rear, belly and hips is very hard to use as your body sees this as being a food source that must not ever be released.

Many people discover how stubborn these problem fat reserve areas can be when they go on a diet and exercise program and try to lose it. They lose water, structural fat and muscle mass and but still retain these “survivalist” pouches of fat.

That is why sometimes people who are Yo Yo dieters tend to have sore and painful joints. They diet away their good needed structural fat and this causes physical stress.

The fact that you can actually diet off the fat you need to keep the structure of your body intact means you can cause yourself all kinds of mechanical problems. You just end up loosing the fat where you absolutely can’t afford to – in the structural and subcutaneous areas while your body stubbornly holds onto the fat you desperately want to say goodbye.

Of course the body needs and requires that we all have some fat reserves as they are necessary for survival. These fat reserves are never released except during pregnancy. This is why in third world countries starving mothers who are calorie deprived still manage to deliver healthy weight babies. Their body is drawing on these fat reserves.

The body will also release these fat reserves is at the absolute point of starvation. This is how prisoners in concentration camps were able to survive when they were deprived of food.

This is why carboxytherapy is such a valuable skill to pick up. It can help your patient that absolutely cannot lose weight reap the benefits of spot reduction without serious side effects.

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