Oats are a super food that even those with gluten sensitivities can generally eat because the gluten content is so low. Oats can provide a healthy alternative to refined cereals that are packed with gluten. In addition to naturally being a whole grain, meaning that they have an almost full amino acid profile that can help your body build protein, oats provide a variety of weight loss and health benefits.

Oats Help With Weight Loss

For example, one study conducted at Vanderbilt University showed that reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories per day and eating two servings of oats for 12 weeks caused people to lower their LDL levels and decrease the circumference of their waist.

However, oats can do much more than that. Their high fiber content and filling quality makes them a choice food that will lower blood pressure, improve your heart function, and promote weight loss. Because of the soluble fiber, they slow digestion and increase the time for nutrients to absorb into your body, allowing you to get more nutrition from the foods you eat.

When people eat oat bran consistently, their blood sugar levels become lower overall. The slowing effect on the digestive system causes blood glucose levels to stabilize without the spikes or drops that can increase cravings.

Oatmeal is an excellent source of manganese and contains more than half of what you need in a day. One cup of oatmeal cooked in water also contains significant amounts of thiamin, iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and magnesium.

Fortified, Instant and Steel Cut Oats

Steel Cut Oats Before Cooking

Oatmeal contains protein and can be an excellent way to start your day. It provides you with long-term energy and makes it easy to incorporate fresh fruits into your diet. Some studies even claim that oatmeal in your diet will improve your mood.

You should purchase “rolled,” “old-fashioned,” or “quick” oats. “Instant” oats have been prepared once and have lost some of its nutritional value from processing. If you purchase “instant” oats, make sure they are “fortified” so the nutrients have been added back to it afterward. “Instant” oats contain different levels of nutrients than the other forms of oats.

How to Prepare Oats

Most people prepare oatmeal for breakfast. For a change, try “steel-cut” oats. These are oats that have not been pressed or “rolled.” They tend to take longer to cook, but they have more texture.
Instead of buying instant oatmeal that contains fruit or spices and high amounts of sugar, buy the plain variety and add cinnamon and nutmeg, blueberries, or even semi-sweet chocolate pieces. Prepare it with milk and drink coffee or green tea to have a complete breakfast.

Although frequently people think of oat cereals as a breakfast food, they can also be eaten before a workout for a sustained energy boost. For snacks, sprinkle some oatmeal over your yogurt or muffins. Or, when you are craving something late at night, munch on a handful of homemade granola to help curve your hunger.
Make tasty chicken by processing oatmeal with whole-wheat flour and seasoned salt in a food processor until well combined and then coat your chicken with it before broiling or baking.

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