Bacterial Vaginosis is caused by an overgrowth of yeast and/or fungus in the vagina. It is a very uncomfortable condition that can cause itchiness, odor and discharge. Wouldn’t you like to get rid of this type of infection once and for all? You can if you can also get off of the merry-go-round that ensues if you keep running to an allopathic doctor for repeated antibiotic prescriptions to treat the symptoms.

Antibiotics Are Not the Answer

Most women who got to a regular doctor find themselves walking out the door with a prescription for antibiotics. Antibiotics are not always effective at killing of the yeast and fungus that cause this uncomfortable condition. In fact, Women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis often end up being sicker than they need be due to compromised immune systems triggered by an overgrowth of even more yeast.

In fact, if a yeast infection is chronic it is often a big indicator that the she has taken a course or two of antibiotics without supplementing the lactobacteria that was killed off by the antibiotics. The lactobacteria is the good yeast that grows in your gut and keeps the flora in the intestine in balance.

Whenever beneficial flora is killed off, it causes an overgrowth of yeast and fungus that thrives in the colon. Furthermore these organisms go forth and multiply everywhere in your body that they can including in your vagina, bowel, urethra,, anus, skin. Anywhere it can find a place to grow, it will plant itself.

Yeast and Fungus Secrete Toxins

On top of causing odor and itchiness, yeast and fungal infections secrete toxins that enter your bloodstream and cause symptoms that feel similar to a hangover. The person might feel disoriented, dizzy, thirsty, lethargic, headachey, sore and foggy. In fact yeast infections can actually cause fermentation in the gut causing you to feel very unwell. These toxins are a byproduct of yeast and fungal cell production in your gut and they create an inner environment in your reproductive and digestive system that can make you very sick.

Acidopholus Yogurt

make their own vile secretions which are often toxic and can cuase symptoms of fogginess. In fact many people who have BV also often feel like they have a hangover thanks to the extreme amount of yeast and bacteria excreting alcohols in their intestines as a byproduct of leeching off of you as a host.

These toxins smell quite bad and besides a fishy or unpleasant older coming from the vagina area, many people suffering this will also have bad breath.

Preventing Antibiotic Dependence

When you have B.V. (short for bacterial vaginosis) it is important to get on a regiment when you repl3nish the good bacteria in your gut and vagina as quickly as possible. This means taking yogurt supplements both internally and orally.

If you are not being proactive replenishing your intestinal bacteria after a dose of antibiotics, both with supplements and probiotic foods, you indirectly encouraging a recurrence of the infection. If you are not lactose intolerant it is highly recommended that you consume an acidophilus yogurt like Bio-K that even big grocery store chains like Sobey’s and Loblaws sell now.

If you do not take lactobacteria in by consuming acidopholus yogurt or taking the friendly bacteria in pill form, then candida and other yeast infections can spread like wildfire through your system. Furthermore antibiotics have the long term effect of suppressing the immune system and making things worse. The very drug you’re taking to combat disease is impairing your only natural defense against it, both immediately and in the future.

This type of issue is a growing problem. People are pouring tons of antibiotics into their systems, often with no benefit except to the big pharmaceuticals that make antibiotics.

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