Many people who come to the Pinewood Natural Health Centre in Toronto to ask about a weight loss solution have actually lost weight through trying other diets. The only problem is that once they have lost the weight, they often gain it all back plus a few pounds moree nThere are other options, including a largely successful low calorie diet accompanied by hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)

The problem with High Protein Low Carbohydrate diets is that it is very hard on the urinary system and liver because it pushes your system into a state where it begins to eliminate ketones. These are acids that are produced when the body burns fat for energy.

Ketones are also produced when the body is not producing insulin properly. It is ketones that help you process sugar for your cells to use as energy. When is occurs, ketones form in the blood and if they are not excreted or if the body is overwhelmed by them you can get very sick, especially if you have been diagnosed with insulin resistance or diabetes. A lot of people gaining weight in our society today are very insulin resistant which make a high protein low carb diet an unwise choice for them.

How High Protein Low Carb Diets Became So Popular

This type of diet is not a new one. It was first developed in the sixties by Dr. Irwin Maxwell, M.D. in 1967. The idea of forcing the body into a state of ketosis by feeding it only protein so that pounds became the basis for The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet, known more casually as the Stillman diet. The body would be tricked into releasing fat through the urine.

The Atkins diet, officially called the Atkins Nutritional Approach is exactly the same thing. His book called Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution in 1972 was revamped as Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution (2002). The New Atkins for a New You (2010) is the most recent edition of the same diet.

Today the concept of losing fat by eating protein and no carbs is a big business and the basis of many supplement products and newer spinoff fad diets.

The Drawbacks of High Protein Low Carb Diets

These diets produce ketosis and this is just simply not the greatest state for the body to be in. It can cause fatigue, nausea and constipation, none of which fit into the definition of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Long term side effects are bone loss, heart problems and kidney damage.

To top it off, ketosis is not the greatest state for your body to be in. Ketosis is an abnormal body process that occurs during starvation due to lack of carbohydrate. Ketosis causes fatigue, constipation, nausea, and vomiting, none of which are part of a healthy lifestyle. Long-term side effects of include heart disease, bone loss, and kidney damage.

A nutritional analysis of the Atkins diet by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ( concluded that this diet was much too high in saturated fat and cholesterol and too low in fiber to be healthy. This is because there is a lot of cholesterol in all of the meat and butter approved of in the diet. Eating so much animal product also stresses out the liver, intestines and kidneys.

It is also a very acidic diet that was analyzed as being deficient in seven key vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, vitamin B12, and thiamine. Alkaline diets are more healthy for you.

As to be expected they also found that this diet that is very heavy on butter and meat was very high in cholesterol and saturated fat and very low in fiber. In fact if you stick religiously to an Atkins diet you are likely to only have two to seven grams of fiber a day when at least 35 grams is what is recommended.
The problem is that eating this much meat it means including more toxic, artery clogging fat in your body. The excess protein also stresses every organ in your body including the kidneys, intestines and liver.

The Not So Great Results

The typical Atkins dieter loses a great deal of weight but only for a short while. The spin-off diets, like the South Beach diet are just as bad and include liberal use of toxic sugar substitutes like Splenda that also make the blood very acidic.

It also does not help that the low level of carbs ingested while they do these diets makes people feel tired so they do not feel like exercising

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