If you are going through menopause or perimenopause and experiencing typical symptoms such as hot flashes, migraines, night sweats, memory loss, weight gain, headaches, aching joints and panic attacks then it might be time to consider a course of naturopathic therapy using bio identical hormones.

Hormone replacement therapy is meant to replace the hormones that a woman’s endocrine system stops producing as she ages. Hormones are important because they act as messengers from the command center of the brain to the organs and the cells. As your supply of hormones diminish due to aging, so do these messengers and women begin to experience a loss of energy, changing body shape and a loss of sex drive. This leads to a diminishment of well being as pathways to organs are shut down due to a lack of hormonal fuel.

The best way to prevent accelerating aging and diminish lack of capacity in general is to embark on a program of bio identical hormonal therapy so that those messengers can be prompted again into doing their job.

What are Bio identical Hormones?

Bio identical hormones are the exact substances that are bodies produce in our glands only the hormones are created in lab. These hormones are created from compounds found in soy beans or yams. The man-made plant-based hormones are chemically altered in a laboratory so that its molecular structure becomes identical to the one manufactured by our bodies.

These hormones are available to you in many different forms including tablets, creams, gels and pellets. The bio identical hormones that are right for you are mixed together by a trained pharmacist in a “compounding pharmacy.” Not all pharmacies are a compounding pharmacy so you need to be aware of that when talking to your Pinewood naturopath about this issue.

The reason that synthetic hormones are not recommended to help women through menopause is because your body simply does not recognize them. Adverse side effects are often the result of using synthetic hormones.

However bio-identical hormones have been known to be quite effective at reducing the symptoms of menopause. One of the biggest celebrity supporters of the practice is Oprah Winfrey who wrote that, “After one day on bio identical estrogen, I felt the veil lift,” Winfrey writes. “After three days, the sky was bluer, my brain was no longer fuzzy, my memory was sharper. I was literally singing and had a skip in my step.”[1]

Your Individualized Program of Healing

A prescription of this type of treatment requires the creation of a highly individualized health profile so that you are prescribed the proper hormones. Many factors come into play including your genetic profile, the state of your health, your environment, what nutritional supplements you already take and the types of foods that are in your diet.

This replacement therapy begins with a comprehensive review of all of your symptoms and medical history and will include the testing of your blood, urine and saliva. It may also include nutritional planning and a fitness program.

It is also a good idea for you to have a mammogram, PAP smear and uterine ultrasound before you enter into this type of therapy to make sure that you are in good health and a good candidate for the treatment.

For more information about hormonal correction therapy and how bio identical hormones might be able to help you visit the Pinewood Natural Health Centre website that has a list of full services and products at www.pinewood.ca or call our Toronto Office at (416)-656- 8100. We also have an office in Pickering, Ontario at (905)-427-0057. You can also email us at info@pinewoodhealth.ca and we would be happy to answer any question that you have about our holistic health services that you have.

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