Vaginitis is a common and very persistent condition that can be very difficult to cure, especially if you have bacterial vaginitis. Bacterial vaginitis, or BV as it is known describes a chronic inflammation of vaginal tissues that never seems to go away.

The Vicious Cycle of BV

When you have bacterial vaginosis it seems almost impossible to get rid of and most women find themselves repeating these steps again and again

  • It starts with itching and burning, along with a discharge with a strong odor.
  • You treat it with over-the-counter remedies and a douche
  • The odor, “slimy feeling” and discomfort remains
  • You visit the doctor and he writes you a prescription for an antibiotic
  • You take the antibiotic but before the course is finished you have develop a yeast infection and maybe even a urinary infection as well
  • You are then prescribed an anti-fungal cream and antibiotic for the yeast infection and possibly a urinary track infection.

You are cure, but it only takes a few weeks until the whole painful, annoying and expensive cycle starts up again

Different Types of Vaginitis

There are three main types of vaginitis that women suffer from and at Pinewood Natural Health Institute we are experienced ridding you of the infection for good.

There is the bacterial vaginosis that is caused by bacteria and that usual evolves from a first episode of regular vaginitis.

Regular vaginitis can be caused by a number thing including fungus, vitamin B deficiencies, intestinal worms, irritation from douching, and the overuse of deodorant sprays, tight clothing, pregnancy, diabetes, antibiotics and oral contraceptives.

There is also as atrophic vaginitis that occurs in both menopausal women and in people who had their ovaries removed.

Often you are treated with antibiotics for these conditions. Unfortunately, antibiotics have all kinds of side effects including depression, fatigue, nausea, suppression of the immune system and most importantly – Candida yeast overgrowth.

The Role of Good and Bad Bacteria

Every time you use antibiotics, the good bacteria in your gut is diminished and needs replenishment. Otherwise, you are creating a breeding ground in your intestines for further illness. This is because antibiotics kill off lacotbacteria, which is your natural defense against candida yeast overgrowth. Every time you take a course of antibiotics to treat a bacterial yeast infection it allows the candida to spread everywhere in your body.

If you are not actively replenishing your intestinal bacteria after a dose of antibiotics, both with supplements and contributing foods, you indirectly are providing to the recurrence of future health problems. An intestinal tract devoid of friendly intestinal bacteria is breeding ground for future illness. It also does not help that candida infections suppress the immune system which opens the door for the next bacterial infection to take hold.

Friendly bacteria is also necessary for the colon to maintain a proper pH or acid-based balance and if the PH is not under control then antagonistic bacteria can take hold and cause chronic difficulties

Antibiotics are chemicals that relieve immediate symptom but do nothing to eliminate the root causes of bacterial vaginosis. Women grow dependent on these drugs and use them as a quick fix for infections repeatedly until they develop a tolerance to them. The doctor continually switches the antibiotics often until none are effective at all.
When no antibiotics work and when infections are not even showing up on cultures or in urine tests is squally when most women decide to treat their BV in another way, usually by visiting a naturopathic doctor. At Pinewood, we welcome your questions about treatment for this very common problem and we understand how you got to this point.

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