At the Pinewood Health Institute we offer several different programs to help you lose weight including diets that include HCG injections combined calorie-restricted diets. Once you have gone through this type of program, it should then becomes your goal to keep that weight off for good by maintaining some healthy habits.

Here are sixteen quick tips for helping maintain your hard-won weight loss.

  1. Drink at least eight ounces of water for every ten pounds you weight every single day to make sure that your body remains in state of perpetual cleansing and well hydrated.
  2. Look for hidden sodium on food labels and try to choose foods with less than 5 mg of sodium in them for best results.
  3. If you can eat it raw, then do not bother cooking it. Raw foods take more calories to digest and therefore help you keep the pounds off.
  4. Eat foods that are high in protein with just a few foods with carbohydrates to enhance your weight loss potential.
  5. To save yourself from just grabbing any snack when you are hungry be sure to keep plenty of freshly cut-up vegetables and healthy dips like salsa or chick pea to satisfy any cravings you gee between meals.
  6. Brush your teeth with strongly scented toothpaste in order to help control food cravings. The strong taste of fennel or mint in your mouth helps deter you from eating for a while.
  7. Substitute green tea for that morning cup of coffee. Some types, such as matcha and gunpowder green tea contain just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. It is also diuretic that can help you get rid of fat.
  8. Eating two small squares of dark chocolate before a meal helps curb your appetite so you do not eat as much.
  9. When you do eat, practice portion control and be aware of how easy it is to add calories to your body by heaping foods on your plate.
  10. Cut down on alcoholic beverages completely. Stick to having half a glass of red wine a day. If you absolutely must drink then make it a vodka and club soda and keep it to less than three drinks a week.
  11. Drink a shot of apple cider vinegar (1 ounce) to help immediately make your system more alkaline.
  12. Stay away from butter and margarine and use as little oil as possible when you cook; add healthy oils like olive oil to salads.
  13. Bake instead of fry and if at all possible, forget cooking the food at all and serve it raw.
  14. Stay away from any carbonated drink including club soda, diet drinks and carbonated waters.
  15. Be mindful about snacking and avoid thoughtless snacking in front of the television set or while working
  16. Instead of snacking take up a hobby that occupies your hand such as knitting or crocheting so you are less likely to want to snack while watching television.

Just by doing these few simple things, you can help distract yourself from indulging in the bad habits that might have been allowing the pounds to subtly start creeping back on your frame.

For more information or to book a consultation about our restorative diet and weight loss programs visit the Pinewood Natural Health Clinic website that has a list of full services and products at or call our Toronto Office at (416)-656- 8100. We also have an office in Pickering, Ontario at (905)-427-0057. You can also email us at and we would be happy to answer any question that you have about our holistic health services.

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