You know you are in a state of acidosis when it seems like your entire life has become toxic. The ill health that results from eating foods and indulging in activities that create acidic conditions in our bodies, such as smoking cigarettes and other substances, drinking alcohol and eating refined foods, affects other areas of our lives as well. Our mental and emotional capacities can be compromised and in turn also affect our working and personal relationships.

A state of acidosis leads to problems such as mucous congestion, inflammation, and eventually degenerative changes in the body that is the basis of most chronic disease. Correcting this acidic condition halts the progress of disease and aging.

Acidosis Might Be A Result of Self-Neglect

Illness is a call to us from our bodies. The message is, “It’s time to change.”

If you are searching for naturopathic services, it is possible that you are feeling unwell enough to try and make a big change. Often people come to us when other types of treatments, such a prescription medications, have not worked. Many people who visit a naturopath simply feel a bit “burnt out” and like they have been “letting things go” health wise.

It is time to pay attention to the little nagging red flags about your health such as high blood pressure, weight gain or fatigue and do something about it. Most of these symptoms are the result of your body living in a state of acidosis. Sometimes it is the treatments for disease that can cause acidosis. A good example would be the individual who has undergone general anaesthesia and needs to detoxify or the person who is recovering from the effects of cancer treatments.

Correcting Acidosis By Eating Alkaline

In order to correct this condition you need to eat foods that are less acidic. Vegetables, raw foods, vegan foods and unrefined foods are the best. Eating alkaline foods allows you to slowly but surely bring your body, and often your life, back into balance.

Many people who switch to alkaline food or even subtly start incorporating them into the diet will experience some sort of detoxification process. Usually these symptoms are mild and there are some people do not suffer from any symptoms of detoxification at all. Usually the symptoms are mild and include headache, nausea and feeling foggy.

Detoxification starts with depriving our bodies of their usual intake of poisons from water, air and food and replacing those toxins with fresh juices and raw foods. Switching over from an unhealthy diet full of acidic is not easy for some people but doing so is absolutely necessary if you want to feel better.

This alkalizing/detoxification process can seem a bit daunting at first because for many people it means getting rid of some questionable lifestyle habits. Yet, this becomes easier if you think of one step at a time. Here at Pinewood we are here to help you take those first steps towards recovering your health. Then you will not feel overwhelmed. Even with a few baby steps taken in the right direction, you will begin to feel revitalized!

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