Andrea’s Nuts (…but happy)

This amazing little treat was given to us at the clinic by a long-time client; when I asked her what I should call them, she said “call them anything you want” , so, I took some liberties all in good fun J

This trail mix, does not last when it is brought into the clinic; I think is the slightly roasted flavor , with just the right amount of natural sweetness that makes them oh so irresistible?

Here is the recipe

Take a variety of nuts and seeds and mix them in a bowl ( a good combo is almonds, sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans, ect)
Pour some olive oil into the bowl, only enough to lightly coat the mixture

Place the mixture in a single layer on a pan and broil, turning, every few minutes. Usually this does not need more that 10 min MAX and the nuts continue to cook after removed.

Place the mix back into a bowl while still hot; add a handful of coconut shavings( while still warm, because it will cook with the nut mixture)

Add dried fruit pieces like cranberries and a bit of agave or maple syrup

Store in an airtight container


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