With the Spring season upon us, now is the best time as any to engage in some much-needed Spring detoxification. The reality is that the health of our bodies and the way that we feel should be the most important thing on our mind right now. And, in order to maintain a proper level of health and increased vitality, we should all engage in a detoxification process that includes acid alkaline food balancing.

Acid alkaline food balancing is a revolution in how we relate to food as a whole. It has come to fruition that the majority of people often feel tired, fatigued, ill, and with a big lack in their energy levels. Many people also often report feeling hungry but not satiated, tired even after getting a full nights sleep, and even experience minor pains throughout their body for no apparent reason.

If this is you, YOU are not alone.

Thankfully, there is an answer to these problems and it is in the form of Spring detoxification with acid alkaline food balancing. It has been shown that many people have extremely high acidic levels and this is what is contributing to the ill health many people are feeling. This can all be reversed with the right diet and food balancing, but the first step is identifying if the body is too acidic.

This can be done using the Alkalize to Revitalize, The pH balance program booklet, written by Dr. Michael Rahman, BSc, ND. Dr. Rahman perfectly outlines what it means for the body to be too acidic and what can be done to remedy the problem.!

The information contained in the booklet is clear, concise, and easy to read. For more information on how you can obtain this extremely beneficial booklet, and to learn more about Spring Detoxification with Acid Alkaline Food Balancing, please contact the CLINIC at 416 656 8100 today, FOR your FREE COPY! RESERVE IT and start today

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