Wonder if you are doing all the right things in your life? Are you searching for balance

It’s 18 years of practice as a naturopathic doctor in Toronto. I give lots of health advice, all day long; Clients have often asked me in the practice, “what do you do to stay healthy in your life?”

So, I am no angel here, I live in moderation. It is for me a very personal choice when we are talking about lifestyle. I have been challenged in my life with life threatening illness and there have been times when I was very, very strict with my diet and lifestyle.

Today, almost a dozen years since my illness, I’ve really made an effort to be 80 percent “good” in my diet and lifestyle. Here is my TOP FIVE list for a healthy lifestyle:

  1. GET enough sleep, al least 7 hours
  2. Take time to meditate, or pray at least 10 minutes per day
  3. PLAY, take time with my kids, play board games, read for fun; this is how I get balance in my life
  4. I have ONE cheat day a week to indulge in my weaknesses in diet
  5. I avoid Sugar, for the most part, but if offered it, I will have it and if you to slow down the breakdown of sugar, have a few almonds (as a source of protein ) before.

So get your top 5 things in place, if you are in a place in your life where you are maintaining optimal health and wellness! Have fun and find your BALANCE

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