So you’ve heard enough about it, and you’ve had a few friends that have actually gone to see a naturopathic doctor, but you’re feeling a little intimidated by all the different types of practitioners out there. We know that making this decision is an important one and one that can determine ultimately you feeling much, much better. Change is hard, we get that, in order to help you get to a better place you need to have the right team about you to support and encourage you with every step of the way.

Here are three things that you should consider in making your choice of who to see as YOUR naturopathic doctor

  1. level of experience with your concern or condition; certainly the number of years in practice might be useful to know.
  2. what expertise does the doctor have in any given treatment strategy such as acupuncture, homeopathy, IV therapy, nutrition ect.
  3. what diagnostic capacity or ability does the clinic or therapist have too provide you with real answers about what might be going on for you?

At Pinewood Natural Health Centre, we are a team of naturopathic doctors and other healthcare practitioners that help to provide you total answers and solutions for all your healthcare needs. Under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Rahman, ND; the clinic boosts a total clinical combined experience of over 40 PLUS YEARS.

We have the RIGHT naturopathic doctor for your needs, male and female doctors are available.

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