From the Soul Purpose – Unlocking the Secret to Happiness and Success, 2001

“Everytime you perform an act of love you feed your spiritual field with positive energy. It serves to heal the soul. Make it a part of your life to something loving for yourseld and someone else every single day. This will help to balalnce your energy and remove blocakages in your body” Dr. Ted Morter, originator of (BEST) BioEnergetic Syncronization Technique

These are very powerful words, uttered by a beloved mentor of mine. It begs the question where in your life do you need to find love for yourself or your loved ones? Many authors have written volumes on love and what love means for those both receiving and giving love. As a medical professional and healer, my experience of love in the arena of my patients and my family is not difficult. . I find it more and effort to express love for oneself in our society.

It made easy to see how, Love for oneself man shall he be expressed as eating well, having a healthy lifestyle, and exercising. Here are the things that I find helpful for self nurturing:

  1. I make time for reflection and meditation and communication with the power higher than myself everyday. Even if some form of it is while brushing my teeth or driving (stopped at a intersection)
  2. Make sure that I receive treatments such as nourishing, preventative IV therapy, and bodywork regularly.
  3. I make an effort to avoid negativity in the form of the nightly news, the devastating headlines in the newspaper, and avoiding gossiping.
  4. I take time to prepare healthy nutritious meals, planning and shopping accordingly.
  5. I do my best to exercise in ways that I see interesting and helpful for my body such as yoga.
  6. I try to learn something new everyday, try to learn one new word Either in English or in Spanish.
  7. I try to be in bed by 1030 p.m. Studies of shown that our best sleep actually happens before 12 midnight.

There are my top 7, what are your ways to self -nurture?

Dr. Michael Rahman, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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