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Integrative Manual Treatments, Therapeutic Massage & Osteopathy

Therapeutic massages are administered by Registered Massage Therapists. The intent is to assess the soft tissue and joints of the body for the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain. Through various types of manipulations and techniques, massage therapists can develop, maintain, rehabilitate, or augment physical function, or relieve pain while improving circulation and the immune system. There are many variations of massage and several different techniques Pinewood uses to treat clients.

The therapeutic massage services offered at Pinewood can address a variety of medical issues including fatigue, insomnia, sore muscles, anxiety, chronic stress, muscle and skeletal disorders or injuries, postural misalignments, vertigo, headaches, whiplash associated disorder, pre and post operation treatments, circulation, and more. Furthermore, Pinewood's therapeutic massage treatments can work in harmony with other services offered by Pinewood's practitioners, such as acupuncture and osteopathic techniques.

Children and Adolescents can benefit from massage and osteopathy as well. Anxiety, stress, birth traumas, ADHD, dura tension, torticollis, respiratory dysfunctions, ear problems and growing pains are just some of the dysfunctions that can be helped. Body work can also help with self esteem, body awareness and prevention of future ailments as they grow.

Pinewood's licensed massage therapist, Christianne James, works with clients to address medical issues and aliments by creating an individual and personalized treatment plan. Christianne is a medical acupuncture provider and as of January 1st 2014 she will be a licensed osteopathic manual practitioner. She also offers event, workshops, and corporate talks in various health, ergonomics, bodywork, and movement topics [link to workshops and events].

Below is a list of available Techniques Christianne may incorporate into her treatment plan. Click on the technique to find out more.

Acupuncture: Classical and Electro Stimulation

Acupuncture is one of the oldest traditional Chinese healing practices in the world. Our acupuncture services can help balance the flow of energy and stimulate nerves, muscles, and tissue for optimal healing. By stimulating different points on the body with the use of thin filament needles, acupuncture can relieve a variety of medical conditions and symptoms including chronic pain, arthritis, infertility, migraines, muscle weakness, and more. Our practitioners are trained in both classical and neuro-functional approach with eletro stimulation

Lymphatic Activation & Drainage
Lymphatic Activation is a technique that "wakes up" sluggish lymph nodes and the lymphatic system, helping the immune system to stay at an optimal level of function to fight infections, colds, and flus. Seasonal Activation is a great way to help keep your immune system functioning at an optimal level. Lymphatic drainage can assist in moving areas that have become congested, swollen or puffy. It helps increase the flow of the lymph and aids in immune support. Lymphatic Drainage is excellent for Edema and Post-Operative Rehabiltation.

Christianne was trained at Shouldice Hospital for post-operative lymphatic drainage around the incision site and involved tissues.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle technique. It releases tensions and pain in the body through therapeutic touch on the tissues that surround the central nervous system from sacrum to cranium. Cranial-Sacral Therapy (CST) addresses a range of medical issues including pain management and can also be used as a preventative health technique.

Visceral Mobilizations & Motility
Visceral mobilization and motility is the gentle manipulation of the organs either superficially or deeply to provide relief from pain, increase organ movement, improve posture, and balance organ function. By observing a client's abdominal rhythms, movement, gait, and more, Christianne can create a treatment plan to help clients move more freely by gently adjusting the position, rhythm, and freeing restrictions of the internal organs.

Acute & Chronic Pain Management
Acute and chronic pain can occur after an initial trauma or infection, or it can be caused by ongoing disease or illness. However, some people suffer chronic pain in the absence of any past injury or evidence of body damage. Depending upon its severity, Christianne can treat pain in a number of ways and can develop a personalized treatment plan.

Trigger Point Therapy
TPT is used when there is a muscle knot or hyperirritable spot in the muscle. This spot can cause pain locally, cause the muscle to twitch, and can weaken a muscle. Using a pressure-holding, or ischemic technique, the knot can be released, decreasing pain and increasing motility of the muscle
Myofascial Release
Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps around all joints, tissues, organs and the entire body. This connective tissue can become tight, creating tension and restriction of movement for all structures within the body. Myofascial Release therapy can relax these restrictions, treating muscular tightness, pain, and restore movement within joints and muscles. In addition, restricted fascia around the organs can contribute to many abdominal and pelvic dysfunctions.
Clients seeking treatment might have an injury that causes excessive pressure and pain, tightness of tissues that restrict movement such as temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, headaches, sacral and pelvic restrictions, or tightness from scars from injury or surgery.

Scar Therapy
Scar massage is called cross friction or transverse friction massage. This massage technique helps to remodel the scar. Friction massage is commonly used in the treatment of tendonitis and muscle strains or ligament sprains. Christianne will ensure that proper healing has taken place before scar tissue massage can be applied.

Massage for Pregnancy & Pediatrics
Gentle Massage and Osteopathic techniques can provide much needed structural alignment and relief from swollen ankles and muscular tension release for both mom and baby during and post pregnancy.

Visualization Techniques
These techniques are great for anxiety, stress, depression, goal achievement, tackling difficult tasks, self-esteem, body awareness, precision, and clarity. A variety of audio, visual, mindful, energetic, meditative, and respiratory techniques are used.

Treatment of Sport Specific Conditions
Using an in-depth assessment process and a variety of techniques, massage and osteopathy can help aid in a multitude of sport injuries and conditions. Sprains, strains, muscle weakness, nerve impingements, structural and facial compensations, and alignments can all be helped. Of course exercises to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen are a crucial part to any rehabilitation program. Christianne can provide take-home exercises and tips to aid in your rehabilitation needs.