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Since 1997 we have helped people navigate the challenges of conventional cancer treatment and to manage the impact of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy on their overall health and lifestyle using complementary and integrative therapies. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, "Integrative cancer care is an approach that combines conventional cancer treatments and complementary therapies throughout the cancer journey."

What is complementary cancer care?
At Pinewood Natural Health Centre we offer complementary services, lifestyle education, treatments, and products to support the individual either during or following conventional treatment. Complementary care may include naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, botanical medicine & homeopathy, massage therapy, IV therapies, and lifestyle education programs that are typically not part of conventional medicine.

Why is it called complementary?
It's complementary because it is practiced alongside conventional medicine in a supportive way.

What are the goals of complementary cancer care?
  • • Reduce the side effects of conventional cancer treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
  • • Increase energy and stamina.
  • • Improve well-being and overall quality of health by balancing and supporting the body's immune system
  • • Nourish the mind, body, and spirit in the healing process
  • • Provide strategies for cancer prevention and health maintenance
  • • Provide natural anticancer therapies that can help control the disease process

Anticancer Lifestyle Program

Pinewood Natural Health Centre is please to bring the Anticancer Lifestyle Program to residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Developed in 2011 by the Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation and the Payson Center for Cancer Care at Concord Hospital in New Hampshire, the Anticancer Lifestyle Program (ALCP) is an evidence-based lifestyle transformation program for people diagnosed with cancer.

The ACLP is a 15 session course where participants gain the tools and information necessary to make and sustain healthy lifestyle changes by addressing areas including: diet, physical exercise, exposure to toxins, social support and stress management. Research shows that positive changes in these areas help to maximize the body's natural defenses to fight cancer and restore optimal health.

Learn more about this amazing program, course dates, and read inspiring testimonials from participants here.