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Biofeedback/Life Coach

Biofeedback is an approach to wellness where people are trained to improve their health, alleviate stress and pain, by using signals from their own bodies.

Biofeedback is done through a computerized system that reads the energy of the body, like a virus scan on a computer, and identifies where the client is reactive to stress and indications of imbalance in the body. The system then sends the signals to assist with the stress and retrain the body back to wellness.

Energy balancing assists with physical, emotional/mental and spiritual stress and provides an improved sense of well-being.

This bioenergetic healing technology uses the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Biology to perform the biofeedback. This therapy is non-invasive and painless and reminds the body what it feels like to be well and helps you to feel more relaxed, energetic and balanced.

A typical healing session lasts 11/2 hours. You are connected to the device via a headband, wrist and ankle straps. You then sit comfortably in a chair. A baseline reading of how your energy-body reacts is obtained and then the test is conducted. The test records what your body is reacting to in terms of stressors (emotional/mental, nutritional, toxins, infections, heredity, etc.). When the test is complete the energy balancing, retraining and stress release are carried out.

It is during this portion of the session that you come to a place of deep relaxation and we then explore areas of potential growth through the coaching aspect of the session. You are encouraged and supported to consider beneficial lifestyle changes to grow in new and exciting ways that will bring you closer to your goals. Each person is unique in their needs and goals;sessions are personalized to optimize YOUR results.

Who can benefit from Biofeedback? Anyone who is open to an improved sense of well-being, feeling more relaxed and more in control of their life can benefit from this healing modality. It is helpful for adults, teenagers and children.

What types of things can be helped with Biofeedback?Stress underlying such things as:

• Hormone Imbalances • Immune System Issues • Infection • Weight Gain or Loss • Nutritional Imbalances • Toxicity

• Emotional Imbalances • Premature Aging • Memory Loss • Poor Organ Functioning • Emotional Trauma

• Physical Trauma • Learning/Behavior Challenges • Addictions • Injuries • Aura & Chakra Imbalances • Pain and more!

What benefits do people report after their sessions?

• Decreased Pain • More Awareness of their Body • Better Sleep • More Awareness of their Thoughts

• Improved Memory & Focus • More Relaxed • Improved Clarity • Improved Stress Symptoms

• More Awareness of their Feelings • Feel Calmer, more Peaceful • More able to see behaviour patterns • Laugh more

• More able to make supportive lifestyle choices • Sense of freedom and a new outlook on life

• Better connection to Higher Self